Blogging is hard...for me.

Whereas I constantly have things I think are important enough for everyone to know, I rarely have the patience or attention span to write them down.

You know what else is hard? The first day of p90x. Which, for me, was today.

I should start by saying, I hate working out. I think it is stupid and typically a waste of time. However, since I first heard about p90x I have wanted to do it. I know, I know - it is very difficult and requires extreme amounts of dedication...which isn't exactly my forte. But looking amazing is...and as I was recently reminded, "sometimes we must sacrifice comfort for beauty."

As I sit here on my yoga mat, in my briefs, dripping sweat on my MacBook, I can't help but think ...this was a very stupid idea.

Stay tuned. 90 days yet to come.