Alternatives to the norm

In the event that the hum-drum, same-ole job searching methods do not work for me I have started compiling a list of potential alternatives. Whether or not they are valid has yet to be seen.

1. In planning to move to the CBL (City of Brotherly Love) I have been continually warned that finding an apartment in a Big City is no easy task. This advisory has always seemed silly and illogical to me. A bigger city has more apartments, therefore it should be simpler to find an apartment (I have never had trouble finding a place in a small town. With more options to choose from...well, I repeat myself). However, I heeded and sought out The Philly Apartment Company - a free service dedicated to placing newcomers in appropriate housing within the CBL (I think it is catching on).

Yesterday my roommate flew to Philadelphia to tour several of the apartments they have found for us (spacious loft living, ahh.), if he signs a lease today I am contacting the Philly Employment Company.

2. I ran for S.A. President at my university, and lost. The man who defeated me turned out to be a great friend, and a decent president...I was content to allow him to rule-the-school, but I stayed on and worked on special projects.

Yesterday he called me. One of his groomsmen cannot make it to the wedding, would I be willing to step in and be an attendant in his wedding. I am getting used to coming in second to Travis (that's his name).

Travis has a fantastic resume, and pretty good people skills - I am encouraging him to apply for jobs in the Philadelphia area and then reject them... inevitably I will be called next.


A nibble

In the arena of job searching I have learned a few things.

1. You actually have to send out resumes in order for people to respond to them.

2. You actually have to have a resume to send one out.

3. Jobs don't find you, you have to find them.

4. If, by some stroke of fate, there is minor contact made about a potential job - no matter how minimal the contact - it is all you can think about until you hear otherwise.